5 Best Ways to Sell Your Car in Las Vegas Today.

5 Best Ways to Sell Your Car in Las Vegas Today.

When it comes time to sell your car in Las Vegas we all desire the easiest and fastest solution. However, with so many options to sell your car and so many new verticals how does one keep up with the current trends? It sometimes seems almost impossible with all of the latest apps and avenues to sell your car to know which one is right for you.

We have come a long way since posting your car in the paper was the best solution. Remember how easy that was, you post your car for sale in the local Las Vegas newspaper, the whole town sees it and presto your car is sold. Fortunately it is now even easier. There’s an app for that… Here is our top list to get your car sold fast!

1. Facebook (Marketplace)

If you are not familiar with the Facebook Marketplace now may be the time. It allows you to post in the Las Vegas market as a sub category. If you already have a Facebook account then you don’t need to set anything up. All you need to do is post your car on the marketplace and it will instantly be available to the Facebook car buying community. If you go this route to sell your car be aware you may be answering a lot of hollow offers, people asking “Is this available” and then never responding is common. But if you are willing to filter through the annoyances you may be able to find an actual buyer.

2. Craigslist (Marketplace)

The car marketplace here in Las Vegas has been getting sort of bleak over especially this last year on craiglist.org. This is mainly due to there inability to adapt as trends change. The biggest hit to this market happened last year when they started charging $5 per vehicle listing. Regardless whether it sells or not you pay the fee and with Craigslist you typically communicate by adding your phone number as a contact method. Do this at your own risk as we have experienced auto spam after your number has been added to the site. This is still a valid way to sell a car however, just be aware of the potential privacy violation when adding your phone #.

3. Motobucks (Auction)

If you are not interested in paying to list your vehicle or receiving spam Motobucks may be a good option for you. With this service you have a choice to download their app or post directly on Motobucks.com. They are referred to as The “Cash For Cars” auction and is a new Las Vegas service where buyers and sellers meet. This service is especially good for sellers because it is free to sell your car but the buyer’s have to pay a 10% bid fee to ensure that they are serious about buying your car. This is a person to person auction service so you can post your car right from your driveway and sell direct to your neighbors. Also the auction doesn’t start until your secret reserve amount is met to prevent you from selling your car too cheap. The best part is that you only have to deal with one person, the auction winner!

4. OfferUp (Marketplace)

Another place to list that you may want to consider is OfferUp which is an app based listing service only. This service has picked up some of Craigslist’s old traffic but is not a marketplace directly for cars. There are all kinds of different things for sale on this site with the main focus typically on household items, furniture and more. Although it is not a direct vehicle marketplace it is still a good place to list. Just be aware many people complain about time wasters on this site. Similar to Facebook people are sending you direct messages, and many hollow offers. Car flippers use this site to try and throw low offers at you, or worse yet schedule an appointment to see the car and throw their low offers in person. You can find buyers on here just be aware of the tire kickers as this can be incredibly frustrating.

5. Ebay (Auction)

Another auction site that you may want to consider is Ebay. Now before you dismiss the idea of selling your car on the trinket website just be aware that this is an actual possibility for you. Although Ebay is mainly known for it’s sales of smaller items such as jewelry, stuffed animals and the like they do have a vehicle section called Ebay Motors. Now, you can also find serious buyers on this site, the down fall is all the risk falls upon the seller and no risk to the buyer. For example with Ebay there are 2 fees that will have to pay as a seller. The listing fee (around $65 average) and the final value fee (around $130 per vehicle). This may seem like a lot for an average vehicle but if you have a special or rare vehicle it may be worth it. The main advantage to Ebay is you get national bidders that may be willing to travel to pick up your car if it’s valuable. The downside is whether you sell it or not, you still have to pay the listing fee. Also the buyers are not forced to put a deposit so this allows people to bid for entertainment without an actual intention of purchasing your vehicle.

What’s your Favorite Place to Sell?

Do you have a favorite place to sell your vehicles that wasn’t listed in this article? Or do you have an experience with any that were listed? Comment below we would love to hear about it! Also don’t forget to share this information with anyone that is trying to sell their vehicle!

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