Las Vegas Vehicle trade ins debunked.

Las Vegas Vehicle trade ins debunked.

Does this sound familiar to any of you Las Vegas locals? Your car seams to be in good running condition, everything is in working order so you take it to the dealership to do a trade in. When you arrive to the lot you talk to a sales rep who seems very interested in your proposal. However, he says before we talk about those “little” details lets take a look around at some of the cars and make sure we have something that is right for you.

As you walk around the lot with the rep you soon discover that you have so much in common. His aunt went to your same high school, his kid also just started with the football team, your favorite foods, are his favorite foods. Ok, now stop. Without knowing it you have just entered “the pitch”. This is something that they train for every day in sales meetings with their “top trainers”. But hey there is nothing wrong with that a guys got to make a living right? My point is you are slowly being fed the “right” information to put you in a buying state of mind by way of the sales psychology. Now don’t get me wrong you are probably at the lot looking to buy a car so good for you. In the end it will likely come down to an emotional sale anyways. But that’s ok. Buying a car is an exciting time, and that’s not my reason for writing this article.

My reason for writing this article is to protect you from the worst mistake you will make during your car purchase. Yup, you guessed it, the trade in! This is the dealerships secret weapon to getting the upper hand on the sale during your emotional state. Here are some tips to follow that will save you from this reckless mistake.


1. Take a deep breath and think about your trade in offer

It is always ok to decline the trade in offer, and it is your decision so relax a little and take a minute to breath. Ask yourself honestly, does this number seem right. Now obviously you are expecting a lower offer because it eliminates your vehicle issue today, right now! So for this reason it seems veeery tempting. However most figures from dealerships are inherently low. As much as the sales rep would like for you to believe your offer will be gone the second you walk off the lot, the truth is it will most likely be there in the morning.


2. Sales Reps make huge commissions from your trade in.

Yes it is true. Some of the best vehicle sales that take place at a dealership from a sales reps point of view are the used ones. Why? Because the dealership is often able to offer bigger commissions on the used cars because the profit is greater. They even refer to the good sales as red dots and, or closeouts and can identify them as they walk the lot because of special markings and things of this nature. The point is the dealership may act like they don’t care about your vehicle but believe me, they want it. The problem is they rarely want to pay much of anything for your vehicle, and make it sound like they’re doing YOU the favor. Well my recommendation is actually DO yourself a favor and opt out from the “reasonable offer” that they give you until you get a second opinion. This doesn’t make all dealerships bad, it’s just that business is business and they will use every opportunity to make a profit if they can.


3. Get your second opinion with the same quick sale option.

This is just common sense for most any situation that you may face where a persons words can literally change your life. For example, if a doctor presented you with a terminal disease, I am pretty sure you are not going to just take his word for it. You are going to ask around until you find an optimistic doctor, with a few thoughtful words of advice. Now a car deal has no impact on your physical health (outside of a little stress maybe) but it can impact your financial health. This is why I always recommend getting a second opinion on your vehicle.

Now I understand that you don’t want to hassle with listing ads, and being a car salesman yourself, and that’s fine. What I am talking about is calling a no nonsense car buyer in the Las Vegas area. I like to think that our service here at Cash For Cars LV is a good option, but that choice is yours. My point is, if you call a company like ours we are going to give you a cash offer the very same day just like the dealership, we will instantly drive or tow it out of your driveway (unlike the dealership who makes you bring it to them), and 9 times out of 10 we will offer you more for your trade on the spot with no hassle, or games to be played. When it comes to selling your car, fast and simple is always the best way. But if you can put some extra cash in your pocket in the process, well that’s something worth looking into.

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