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Testimonial Denise Flores
  • Denise Flores
  • I would absolutely recommend this service

This was by far the easiest transaction my husband and I have ever experienced. Ray was very knowledgeable and friendly. He treated us very kindly and gave us a very fair price for our 2007 Nissan Sentra. I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone looking to sell their car.

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Was the process fast? - 92%
Was the price fair? - 75%
Was the process professional? - 97%
Would you recommend? - 85%

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Before looking to deep into what we do just know this, we ARE interested in paying cash for your vehicle today! We come highly recommended for being fair, and to the point. We all have reasons for wanting to sell our vehicles. Ours for example is for profit, however to do this successfully it really is a full time job. We buy vehicles that are titled, or not titled. Running or not running. Pretty, or down right ugly. For us it is simple, we buy vehicles then repair them, fix their esthetic, and in most cases try to nurse them back to health in search of a new home. However it is not always easy. In some cases we even lose money on vehicles because making a quick purchase can often result in unexpected issues. For example we have yet to have someone tell us about their intermittent transmission failures we usually get the surprise end of those encounters. However we are your friends and our interest is to help you enjoy a quick and easy sale giving you cash for your vehicle usually within 10 minutes of our arrival. So if you want to be a car salesman, feel free to try your hand at it. We often sit on vehicles for months before we can find an opportunity to make a profit. But that is the name of the game. One thing is for sure, if you give us a call we WILL answer your call with the intention of bringing you a cash offer today. Not next week, not next month but today! We are serious about buying cars, and for that reason this may be your lucky day. Stop staring at your problem in the driveway and let us do it for you. Just give us a call, and let’s get you paid!

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