Welcome, and thanks for your interest in discovering your cars cash value with us! To answer this question it is important to address several of the following questions, but it isn’t possible to give an exact number without first evaluating your specific vehicle. However to give you an idea of what your car is worth you can look at the following criteria and if the answer is yes to any of them that is a good thing for you.

1. Does your car have a title in your name?

If the answer to this question is yes, than that is a good thing for you! Cars without titles are much harder, and more costly for us to process for a resale, or to use for any kind of scrap. However not having a title does not mean we won’t cash you out on the spot. So, if you do not have a title don’t worry to much but this is a factor that we look at when buying cars.

2. Does your car run and drive currently without any major issues?

Again if the answer is yes, than you are looking pretty good. Cars that run and drive are typically worth more money. If it does not run, we will still cash you out on the spot but this is a factor that we take into consideration.

3. Is your car more than 10 years old?

The year of your car is never necessarily a deal breaker, but as you can expect the newer the car the larger amount of money you can expect. Cars older than 10 years are much harder for us to sell as the demand for them is much smaller. However we are still interested in buying cars of any year, make, or model. So to be clear if your car is less than 10 years old that is good for you!

4. Does your car have major body damage?

Body damage on a car is always a challenge, after all it may be the vary reason that you no longer want it. However, all things considered we have means for repairs to these cosmetic issues as well but it isn’t always cheap. Basically, if your car looks like it just drove off the factory line, good for you!

5. What if my car is a pile of scrap

In most cases if we can’t determine a value for your vehicle based upon condition, age, wear and tear, or complete hopelessness of it ever seeing another day on the road we will offer to remove it from your property free of charge. Typically we will give you an offer of some kind for your vehicle, but the occasions due arise when removal is the only option for us.

We hope this answers most of your questions pertaining to the value of your car. All that is left is to give us a call so we can come and cash you out!

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