We often get asked if we have cars for sale, and the answer is most certainly yes! After all it is the nature of our business. If you are in need of a good quality running vehicle (or just one that runs), and looking for a no nonsense purchase to get you on the road fast give us a call. Buying a car from us is easy because we don’t have any personal connections to our vehicles. For example you are not going to be buying the vehicle that we spent on our camping trips when the kids were learning to build a fire. For us a car is just a car, if we can get you in a new vehicle and put a little coin in our pocket we are just fine with that. Remember we are in the business of BUYING cars, and the flip side of that is obviously a sale.

Car Collectors, and hobbiests listen up! We can be your eyes and ears on the street. Because we spend all of our time buying, selling, and scouting out cars we can help you out. If you are looking for any specific types of cars running or not running drop us a line at info@cashforcarslv.com. We would be happy to give you first crack at anything that comes in fitting the descriptions of your preferred vehicles. Let us know what you need, we are all about the quick easy sale!


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