How to make the most money selling your used car

How to make the most money selling your used car

So the day is here for you to put your car up for sale in Las Vegas and as you soon find out there are many things to consider. Does my car have air conditioning, is my car smog compliant, does my car have mechanical problems, when do I have time to meet prospective buyers, how many times will I have to meet these buyers, and most importantly what is it worth?! Well it is no surprise that for many people the process of selling a car with a busy Vegas lifestyle can be a bit overwhelming. However if you find yourself faced with this task there are some important things that we think you should know. For this reason we have created the following article to give you some of our expert tips to help sell your vehicle. Here are some the most commonly asked questions.


Does the condition of my car matter?

The answer to this question is most certainly yes. In our experience the condition of the vehicle quite often has the largest impact on the price of a sale. For example many people may have a damaged fender on a very good running vehicle, so they take it to market. Well a damaged fender may not seem to be a big deal to you but it may be a huge deal to your potential buyers. You may be thinking… “The car runs great! Certainly the next buyer will see the value in this and still pay me top dollar for my vehicle. After all it’s just a little fender damage.” Well unfortunately that is rarely the case. Buying a vehicle for most is a very emotional experience. For many it may only happen a few times in their entire lives. So yes that fender is important. Also you can surely bet that you are not the only vehicle for sale in Las Vegas, so your potential buyer has the right to be critical. In most cases we will make the proper cosmetic repairs to a vehicle before we sell it, because yes looks do matter.


My engine light is on, does that matter?

If your vehicle has the engine light on you are going to definitely have some trouble selling your vehicle. For one you will have to find a buyer that does not care if the car passes a smog test. With the tight emission laws in Las Vegas these types of buyers are harder and harder to find. They are comprised mostly of back yard mechanics, or car buyers like us. However, the good news is engine lights are there for a reason. When the engine light of your vehicle comes on it is telling you that the computer thinks it has located a problem with the performance of your vehicle. Fortunately most mechanics can diagnose the issue for you using an electronic digital reading device that will give you a special code that might tell you what is wrong with your vehicle. If you get lucky it may be something as easy to fix as an air filter, if you aren’t so lucky it could be bad or even worse. Anyways the point is, yes if your engine light is on it does matter, and you should do everything in your power to get it to turn off before you try and sell your car.


My car has high mileage how much does that affect the sale price?

Well first off high mileage is not always a bad thing. Many cars when well maintained can last a very long time, often well past 100K miles. However to make a compelling argument to a potential buyer, you really need to have receipts from your vehicles service records. If you do not have them it becomes much harder to justify a top dollar price. However even with high miles on a vehicle you can still get a good price if it looks and runs well. This is where the emotional sale comes in with your prospective buyers. If someone can get into your vehicle and start it up with everything working, (especially the A/c here in the desert) and take it for a drive with zero issues they are going to be more likely to buy. This means no squeaking breaks, no smoke from the exhaust, no broken turn signals, or other signs of potential problems. When someone is in the market for a vehicle the last thing they want is to do is inherit the previous owners headaches. Another thing to consider is the interior condition of the vehicle. If the car has high miles but looks like it has low miles inside and out, and runs like a low mile vehicle people will be quicker to give you the price that you want on your sale.


What if I don’t have the title for my vehicle?

If you don’t have the title to your vehicle this is almost always a problem for potential buyers. After all when people buy a car it makes sense that they would want proof that they now own it. However in most cases there is usually a process you can go through to retrieve the title from the DMV here in Vegas, or the DMV back home depending on where you have it registered. If you have the time, and the resource we always recommend getting the title if possible before a sale. If you cannot locate a title your best option is usually a car buying service that is used to dealing with issues such as these. They can help you resolve the issue and get you paid much quicker. I like to think we offer a good service for problems such as these, but who you deal with is your choice. It is always good to shop around for the best deal.


Finally, where do I find a buyer for my vehicle?

The answer to this question is not always hard, but it is not always easy either. When selling a car for most people the obvious place to turn is a free service like Craigslist. Now this is a good place to start, but you may not always get the results you want. If you have a common vehicle chances are there are many others just like it for sale in Vegas too. Now it doesn’t mean you won’t get the price you want eventually, but it could take weeks or even months. Some people just don’t have that much time. However, if you want to ramp up your sales process you may want to consider services like Ebay, Autotrader, or even niche market websites that reach neighboring states, and possibly the entire country if you think your vehicle is a unique enough sale. Even though these services do cost money they put you in front of more potential buyers which can cut down your selling time considerably. This is especially true when running a live auction on services like Ebay. If you decide to run an auction just be aware that minimum bidding requirements must be set before you start the auction to be sure that the vehicle won’t sell until a minimum price has been met. This will protect you from any unwanted surprises. However, if you are really ambitious to sell your vehicle you can run it without a minimum bid just don’t be surprised if the final number comes up short.

I hope you found this article helpful, and are able to use some of these industry tips to get the most on the sale of your vehicle. Finally, if at any point selling your vehicle becomes too difficult, too much of a hassle, or too time consuming for you to bear we hope that you would consider our car buying service at Cash For Cars LV! We promise to be fast and fair, while getting you the most for your unwanted vehicle.

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